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  • developers & film makers

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about blckbot

We are young artists, designers, developers, movie-makers, booth builders, allrounders! Blckbot isn't your typical advertisment agency. Our broad network enables us to implement all your advertisement needs.

We are your all-in-one marketing solution.

  • Our experience:

    Branding & Corporate Design
  • Consulting & Native / Viral Marketing
  • Webdesign & Webhosting
  • exhibition & event management
  • Filmproduction (ads, image, music)

recent work

what we do

Made with Love

It is our main priority to deliver the best service in whatever we do. Direct contact with you is a key factor for a succesful project. We love to work closely together with our clients in order to create a product that satisfies you, and your clients.


We understand that many projects require strict deadlines. We work very fast, depending on your input. None of us mind to get something done and work through the entire night. We do our best to give you realistic estimations of how long we need to realize a project.

support & update

Whenever we deliver a project we are always happy to help you understanding it. Minor changes are done without any charge.


  • E-commerce
  • html5
  • print
  • responsive
  • ui design
  • branding
  • social media
  • motion design
  • mobile app

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